Why marker posts and shelters?

PCD16 015_11

We spent quite a lot of time before we started blogging thinking about what to call our blog. We received a range of interesting suggestions including Gangnash!  In the end we decided that marker posts and shelters encompassed many of the things that were important to us in our lives and ministry.   As you may have guessed from the picture at the top of our blog the original image came from Holy Island. We first visited as part of our 10th wedding anniversary celebrations in 1996 and walked the Pilgrim’s Way.

Originally we used marker posts and shelters as an alternative to the concept of rule and rhythm of life. Although we know that rule in this sense derives from a word meaning measure it has legalistic connotations that were not life giving to us.  As we walked the Pilgrim’s Way from the mainland to the island we realised that in our lives we had begun to put in place both marker posts and shelters that sustained us in our life and ministry. Shelters are all sorts of things, people, places, practices and marker posts include celebrations, sabbaths, seasons and stewardship.  We have written a little more about this in the Grove Booklet Sustaining Your Spirituality.  We will blog about our marker posts and shelters in more detail over the months and would love to hear about yours too.


Marker Post Summerleaze Beach Bude Cornwall


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