Wondering Wednesdays: Field of Dreams…


There is the bit of me which when asked what my favourite film is would like to say some obscure arty film but the real answer is Field of Dreams.  My wondering today is three reasons why the film is significant to me.

The first is that the film speaks to me of the need to resolve issues from my past to live fully in the present. In building a baseball field Ray reconnects with his lost father, I know that there are parts of my life in the present which mean I need to revisit incidents and relationships from the past, there are regrets, painful memories and other things which I need to process with God and or others.

The second is the encouragement to believe God is speaking to me even if it sounds a little crazy – I am not saying it is God speaking in the film but that the process of pursuing the vision and testing it along the way is one that I have found helpful.

The third is that God spoke to me through words of the film at a significant point in my life – I was walking across the Pilgrim’s way pictured on our blog and clearly felt God saying to me “Go the distance” (a message that Ray got in the film) and I knew I should not give up on a process that was frustrating me.  Sometimes there is a temptation not to go the distance, because we get discouraged, find a distraction or begin to doubt, I am grateful for God speaking to me so powerfully to encourage me at a time I was finding life hard.

I also like the film’s premise that people are looking for community and ways of being family together that are nourishing and life-giving.

“If you build it…” a shiver goes down my spine when I hear the breeze rustling the leaves, even more so if I happen to be in a field of corn!  Each time I watch the film I get a fresh insight or a new bit of healing of the past or just the joy of a story that engrosses and engages me.

I have also read the short story the film was based on Shoeless Joe Jackson comes to Iowa by W P KInsella, I recommend that too.  If you have no idea what this blog is about then watch the trailer.



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