Honest Christianity: the virtue of contradiction



This morning I listened to Stewart Henderson on BBC Radio 4 on Something Understood extolling the virtue of contradiction. This reminded me of a sermon where the preacher held spell bound the congregation of which I was a member, when he promised to clarify the age old theological dilemma of “Did God choose us” or “did we choose God”? As we held our breath to have this eternal question sorted once and for all, he leaned forward and  simply said “Yes”!

When we think about the tensions between holding on to love and justice, rights and responsibilities, the humanity and divinity of Jesus, if we only have a paradigm of black and white, truth and lies, we are in danger of losing an asset rather than an hindrance to our faith. Talking of faith, Henderson and his guests helpful pointed out that you only need faith in uncertainty. As some of get older and in the light of life and developments, we can revisit some of the elements and aspects of our faith. This can cause some to give up on their faith and relationship with God. Maybe this revisiting does not have to have such a negative effect. As much as I like the idea of certainty, faith does seem to be a cornerstone of what we are called to have, and perhaps we can only have lots of faith when we have lots of doubts, tensions and contradictions and treat them as new friends and allies to our walk with God.


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