Wondering Wednesdays: working at being on holiday!

ImageAs this blog is posted I will be on holiday but the magic of technology means it can be posted when I am enjoying a wonderful breakfast prior to playing links golf looking at a lighthouse!  The arrival of a smartphone into my world means that I have to work out what my attitude to work is while I am on holiday.  I can access all my emails together, work, personal and church, or any of them separately so I can turn off to the extent that I want to. Hopefully I will have remembered to put an out of office signature up!

I love holidays as they bring a different rhythm to my life and Paul and I have always been good at scheduling them.  The extent to which other bits of life have intruded into them has varied over the years depending on our responsibilities and what has been going on.  I don’t normally mind talking to any of my team if there is an emergency and would rather be informed of something than not – but that is my choice – I don’t like returning to surprises!

However, I have been challenged by this quotation and need to resist the temptation inherent within it:

Nearly everyone senses that work alone is not sufficient for human fulfilment.  One of the sad ironies of this situation is that, despite our intentions to allow a different quality of time in our lives, we often end up turning all our time into work time…The rhythm of life for countless people, set up by this culturally pressured way, thus emerges as one that oscillates between driven achievement (both on and off the job) and some form of mind-numbing private escape (Edwards cited in Eanes et al 2001:85).

Thus I will work at ensuring that in my holiday I make the most of being able to do things that are not practical in working weeks so I will be playing golf, visiting castles, walking on beaches and spending time with the adorable nephew and his parents as well as Paul.

I can be a little task oriented so frame what I am doing at working at being on holiday but the marker posts in my year that are holidays need to be planned in otherwise they are too far apart to provide the shelter that I need.


Eanes, Beverley E et al eds (2001).  What Brings You Life?  Mahwah:  Paulist Press.


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