The joy of being single-faceted Sal

child slippers_large

I have spent a week being single-faceted Sal – I have been on holiday with my family, Paul, the adorable nephew (aged 10) and his parents.  I have just been family Sal and yes I can’t avoid taking some of my personal baggage on holiday with me but some of the multi-faceted dimensions of Sally can be left behind.  I loved the simplicity of just being family Sal.  There is something very special about spending time with people who love and accept you for who you are, where you can be in touch with your inner child and have endless conversations about where that funny smell came from!   This family holiday was a shelter for me in the midst of really busy periods where I have to manage multi-faceted Sally with lots of responsibilities, competing demands and expecations.  As always I am pleased to be back at home and to pick up the other parts of my life that I laid aside for a week but the change of wallpaper on my Blackberry will give me glimpses back to the week where I was Sal, unencumbered, known and loved.



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