Honest Christianity – Numpty Moments

numpty moments

When did you last have a numpty moment? Being a numpty is doing something a bit daft – like writing a blog post rather than giving full attention to the last round of the Masters (a golf tournament if that’s not your world!).  I (Sally) preached this morning on the story of Jesus restoring Peter in John 21 and talked about Peter’s numpty moment when he denied Jesus three times (John 18.15-27).  Jesus met Peter and the other disciples on the beach, cooked breakfast and had a conversation with Peter, restoring and commissioning him.

It is so easy to get bogged down by our own numpty moments and let them haunt us, play on our mind and get in the way of our relationships with others.  How many stories do we hear of people avoiding one another, leaving churches, not speaking, badmouthing other people etc – and often the origin of this is that someone had a numpty moment.  They said or did something or didn’t say or didn’t do something that was important to someone else…and then didn’t deal with it properly.

Dealing with our numpty moments requires several things.  For me it often first requires me to forgive myself for doing something stupid – and it can be as trivial as pouring coffee on to a tea bag because I didn’t read the labels on the jugs!  I can get uptight about not being competent sometimes and not be as kind to myself as I would be to others.  It also sometimes requires me to put things right with other people if I have hurt them or done something else which needs me to make a response.  Putting things right with Jesus is also important for me – that can mean different things depending on the situation, reminding myself that I am loved unconditionally, praying the Lord’s prayer and being assured of forgiveness, listening to get a fresh perspective on a situation.

I am guilty of overreacting sometimes more to my own mistakes than those of others and I need to get my numptiness in proportion – I am human so sometimes I will be a numpty.  What Peter did in denying Jesus was a big deal but Jesus met Peter where he as at, in his ordinary, everyday life, forgave, restored and commissioned him.  Jesus will do that for us and just as we acknowledge that we love God so we too are commissioned to care for the lambs and the sheep.  I need to challenge myself to not let my numptiness get in the way of caring  and serving and remember that Jesus longs to meet me in my pain, irritation, frustration and so on and that I will be a bigger numpty if I don’t deal with my numpty moments!  Honest Christianity for me means admitting that sometimes I am a numpty but I get over it and move on!


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