Honest Christianity – doubting aloud


Doubting aloud

This is the name of a new group being run at our Church next week. It’s brief is to create a “safe place to ask and explore some of the big questions and knotty issues of faith and life amongst friends and fellow explorers”. Does this not sound like a wonderful resource to offer? I have always wanted to be a part of a Church that values and facilitates such openness.

I would like to think that all Christians, seekers, wonderers and sceptics would enjoy and benefit from such a group. For every church to have such a group would be a healthy sign.  Perhaps some might feel that churches having such a group reflects a lack of certainty in our Christian faith.  Yes, there are dangers of some people hearing questions they do not have, or becoming aware of issues that begin to raise doubts.  However, I would hope that this would be a risk worth taking for the wider, greater benefit of encouraging a faith journey that endorses the asking of questions without the fear of being judged. It must be ultimately good for us to engage our faith with what life throws at us and for us to revisit the faith of our childhood.

Even if all of us do not have a group like this, I hope we can all find at least one person to offer us this life giving resource.  This has been a breakthrough for me in my desire to have an honest faith, and has also encouraged me to relate to God in this same way enquiring way. I have found this is counter intuitive, I have found that voicing my doubts has built up my faith rather than diminished it.

This is a theme that is close to our “Honest Christianity” heart, so we will come back to it in future blogs.


2 thoughts on “Honest Christianity – doubting aloud

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