Hit and hope


I love golf but I am not very good at it!  There is an amazing hole on the Kintyre course at Turnberry where you hit a blind shot towards a marker post in the form of a stone cairn (we were in Scotland) and then hit your second shot towards what just looks like the sea – you can’t see the green or a flag.  It is a case of hit and hope!  I did my classic, lifted my head to see where the ball went so topped it and it zoomed off along the ground and I was worried that it would end up in the sea!  However, when I eventually walked down the hill and found my ball this was the scene that confronted me – a beautiful secluded beach and one of the prettiest places my golf ball had ever landed!

In much of my life at the moment it feels a little like this, I give something my best shot and hope!  As a newly ordained Curate I am getting to do lots of things I have never done and this is my attitude – most of the time.  Sometimes that is hard because I am someone who likes to be competent and I can’t expect to go from no experience of something to competent in one step with nothing in between!  And there can sometimes be the temptation to avoid doing something new because we lack confidence or don’t have the capacity at that time to trust God with the outcome of something.  There are times when we have to do what it is that I did on that golf course – launch out into the unknown in the hope that we have chosen the right direction.  My ball didn’t end up where I had intended but the diversion offered an unexpected joy.  Other times that is not what happens, I hit a ball and it ends up in a bunker which feels like a bit of a dead end for me as I can’t then get the ball out first time (or second or third sometimes)!  So each day I wake up knowing that I will probably face at least one hit and hope scenario and although I don’t tend to pray for my golf balls to end up in good places I do pray as I metaphorically hit and hope trusting God with the outcome and knowing that God will be with me and guide me wherever I am hitting the next ball from!


2 thoughts on “Hit and hope

  1. Without the prayer these days but hit and hope seems very much like what many of my days feel like at the moment too (and when I lived/worked in Kenya even more so!)
    Thanks for sharing
    Hope your tomorrow is full of beautiful landing places to all your surprises…

    • Thanks so much, love your hope at the end of your comment – very inspirational. When I took the photo I wondered what the later reflection on it might be. Have had a quick look at your blog – really like the way you write and your honesty, it is a great resource for those suffering too. Have followed through the WordPress blog reader thing – am not very technical!

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