Honest Christianity – confronting hypocrisy


There is a song by the Christian band World Wide Message Tribe called Hypocrite which occasionally bubbles up in my mind to challenge and confront me when I am reflecting on my Christian life:


What a hypocrite I am

Taking liberties I see people dying all around me full of pride and evil greed I keep quiet in a world of need casting darkness on the earth sin deceives me like a curse the world is covered in disease I sit back at ease


Don’t get me wrong, it is not that I am being humble, it’s just that I want to be realistic as to the spectrum of what my life is like.  In my experience being real about my own life encourages other people to be real about theirs.  Too much pretense can make the Christian life seem unlivable or make you feel as if you do nothing but let Jesus down. The song reflects the Apostle Paul’s writings in Romans chapter 7, he laments he does things he does not want to do and does not do the things he does want to do – most of us can relate to that in some ways. My values say I do not want to oppress the poor, but I do not always look at where and how all my clothes are made. I try to live a consistent life, it is easier if I try a bit harder than I do sometimes. What a hypocrite I am.  It’s a good job God loves a honest trier.



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