Honest Christianity – spiritual status update


I have been thinking about what I would write for a spiritual status update just like you might do a status update on facebook.  Lily Allen sings in The Fear “Now I’m not a saint, but I’m not a sinner” – that is an interesting theological statement!  I have spent many years reflecting on the identity of humanity – am I a saint, a sinner or both or neither?!

My take from surveying the whole of Scripture and my evangelical heritage is that before I was a follower of Jesus I was a sinner. That is not to say that God didn’t love me. When I chose to follow God (or God chose me, oh I feel another blog coming on) and as the baptism service says I “turned to Christ”, that’s when my spiritual status changed. That’s when I stopped being a sinner and became a saint.  It was not about suddenly becoming a better person or God loving me more – God loved me just the same and I didn’t become a perfect human being overnight.

Calling myself a saint is not a statement of big headedness, just spiritual fact as I understand it.  God changed my position, not me. It cannot be changed back (sorry I feel yet another blog coming on). You cannot be both, you are one or the other. Don’t get me wrong, I am not in a position to speak on behalf of anyone else. That’s not my job, I can’t make that kind of call and I am certainly not intending to be judgemental or label other people.

My status got updated, now I am no longer a sinner, I am a saint who sins.


Lily Allen and Greg Kurstin The Fear 2008


2 thoughts on “Honest Christianity – spiritual status update

  1. Very interesting thoughts, been writing about my own changes of spiritual status lately too, though very different to yours.
    Would you say that someone who was a Christian, baptised etc and believed very firmly but then slowly lost that faith through challenge and doubt, saint or sinner? Because I’m not sure I could or should qualify for either, would be satisfied with just plain old human being instead though! 😉
    Take care

    • Hi Laura, excellent point, I would agree that we are all first and foremost human beings. This affirms our commonality and universal spiritual needs of love, and sense of hope and purpose.
      In answer to your question, I am of the once saved always saved school. God has to respect our choices, but if there is a significance to a persons being and coming into relationships with a gracious God, this is so awesome in Heaven and Earth, I do not understand how we can make it so and un-so, as we go through life. The idea that I can choose one day, even after considerable reflection, there was no God, or if there possibly is, I do not want to be allied with them, I am then not a Christian, makes no sense to me. if I go through this cycle many times in my life, which seems reasonable to be allowed to do, that my eternal relationship changes every time, is something my little brain can not make sense of. So once a saint, always a saint in my book. Perhaps there is another paradigm in which to engage with this, but this is where I am at present. Perhaps Sally will do something on this sometime. Very happy to continue to converse. Peace Paul

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