Honest Christianity: we need to talk about this – youth worker reflections


Each Grove Youth Series meeting starts with a reflection and this time I asked the group what came to mind when they heard the term “Honest Christianity”? So here is a guest blog from the Grove Youth Series Editorial Team:

    • Sometimes we need to say we don’t know, we’re not sure, doubt is okay.
    • Somehow we have picked up that we should keep problems below the surface – it’s not okay to be not okay.
    • Relationship struggles are really common but we  often don’t talk about them.
    • We don’t always have answers to fix the problems that young people share with us but we can say God loves them and it  could change everything but sometimes just feels wishy washy.
    • It is okay to lob questions at God, scream at  God etc – underneath is God’s underpinning love for us which doesn’t  change.
    • Feel free to have a rant – doing this job won’t get me to heaven so why do I do it!
    • We need honesty in testimony – most often the story goes from low to high but sometimes it is the other way round I became Christian and struggled…
    • It is great to be part of a community but how do I hold on to me and resist the pressure to conform in ways that are not       right for me.

I hope to pick up on some of these themes in the future but may also try to persuade some of my colleagues on the group to guest blog for us!


4 thoughts on “Honest Christianity: we need to talk about this – youth worker reflections

  1. Snap thoughts on your thoughts;
    Doubt is not just OK, it is absolutely essential.
    I’ve got lost in the grammar of no.2, surely it is ok to be not ok, somewhat like doubt, a measure of un’ok’ness is essenitial.
    Not talking about relationship struggles is the essence of why we have relationship struggles.
    We should never have answers to the issues that young people bring to us, if they’re our answers, they are unlikely to be their solutions.
    5&6 this is the basis of my prayer life, a continuing dialogue of everyday.
    Honesty in Testimony – Christian faith is the bane of my life, how I wish I could dispense with it. Shall I write the Omega course?
    Communion is what we are called to, with each other and in God. Conformity is never the answer, sacrifice is, the question is whther or not we are prepared to pay the price.

    • Hi Neal – thanks for taking the time to respond. What I have written was a snap response from the Grove Youth Series Editorial Group when I asked what they thought of when I said the term honest Christianity. With the second one what we were trying to say was that young people sometimes hear the message that it’s not okay to be not okay and we as youth workers need to let them know that it’s fine to be not okay…

      • At last a comment gets through… I’m sure WordPress doesn’t like me. I’ve tried to comment on a number of your reflections without success so will sum up by thanking you for the honesty therein and looking forward to reading more. I was delighted to see the groups response to your question, not that I wish to be conforming in any way at all… I would add one thought to the list from personal experience and for the groups further reflection; I have found honesty much easier now that I am employed in a thoroughly secular setting. I have found a greater spiritual contentment personally, as those I work with seek the honesty I offer in matters of faith, if not always the belief itself.

      • We haven’t been ignoring your comments – that would not be in line with our values, we moderate them in case anything is posted that is offensive, we are very happy to receive comments from those who disagree or see things differently. Interesting observation on your work context…

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