Wondering Wednesdays – sustaining sea pools


My childhood memories are full of magical seaside holidays.  We never made it as far as Cornwall but if we had I would have adored this sea pool at Bude – safe swimming and playing but in sea water, not a chlorinated pool and all for free!  There is a campaign which is trying to keep the pool available for another generation of children and families as budget cuts have made it vulnerable to closure as the council can no longer afford to maintain it.  As you walk around the town you see signs and collection boxes asking people to help “Save our sea pool”.

Now as an adult I look at the sea pool and see it as a metaphor of what I want my spiritual life to be like.  Twice a day the tide comes in and refreshes the water in the pool as you can see in the picture.  I want my spiritual life to be refreshed just as the sea pool is.  As I think about Jesus the living water (John 7.37-39) I realise the importance of not letting my spiritual life stagnate.  That means I need rhythms and practices in my life which mean that I connect with Jesus, in many ways the marker posts and shelters that initially inspired the title of our blog.  Holidays mean being nurtured by nature and seeing God in God’s awesome creation and feeling refreshed in my spirit.  They mean having time to read a book before the rest of the day starts or wandering into a chapel in the middle of the day and being able to stay for as long as I like.  I am grateful for holidays just as I am grateful for a vocation that fulfils me but most of all I am grateful for a faith that sustains me and the refreshing of the Holy Spirit from so many different sources.






4 thoughts on “Wondering Wednesdays – sustaining sea pools

  1. Ahh… but what strange dangerous things may be washed in with each tide?
    A pollution of corrupting influences?
    A lobster of liberality?
    A theological land mine?

    I like holidays too. Oh… but I can get weird ideas too.

  2. This is the pool in which Elly re-learnt to swim after a horrendous fracture of her hip. It offered her the saltwater of the sea in a safe little harbour and she loved the moment of playing with the waves as the tide went back and forth but at that point she still did not feel able to cope with the actual sea. The next year she started in this pool and as the tide went out she decided to get out of the pool and follow and raced into the sea.

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