Songs that haunt me 2 – I knew the bride (when she used to rock and roll)


I get ordained as priest on 13th July after an interesting year as a deacon. There are now people in my life who didn’t know me before I was ordained. I am both the Sally I was before I was ordained and not the Sally I was although I cannot quite articulate the latter and this is one of the times I use the word ontological while still not being able to fully define it! I know some people were a little disappointed that I got ordained – I was a good role model as a strongish lay woman! Then I went over to the dark side some may say! I knew the priest when she used to… fill in the blanks (and she probably still…)!

Relationships come and go in our lives and perhaps one of the hardest things that happens is when relationships change because of another relationship that one of you forms. Particularly in the early stages of a romantic relationship it can be easy to exclude others either purposefully or inadvertently.
That is perhaps why this song haunts me a little – I knew the bride when she used to rock and roll and she used to be…, do… etc. One of the great challenges of life is how we move on separately and together and how we respond to the change and growth in our friends. There are times when we feel left behind and times when we feel misunderstood. Perhaps too often we drift apart without reconnecting in a new place or through not persevering through some initial awkwardness, distance or feelings of hurt or confusion. I love reconnecting with people from my past it has happened a couple of times recently and perhaps I am now more accepting and secure and can accept and embrace change more readily.

Nick Lowe I knew the bride when she used to rock and roll 1977


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