Lingering legacy of Eve


I need somebody

to touch me

in a healing way



to touch me

with love


who can hold

this depth of pain

hold me

crying tears

for every woman


being a woman

has ever

made her cry

Unshed grief

running out slowly

in a river of cleansing silk

Akasha Hull

I facilitated my first focus group for my shame in the church research today.  One theme which came out more than once was the shame felt by women sometimes just for being a woman.  Although we didn’t shed tears today I heard stories of women who would have shed tears as they were blamed, diminished, scapegoated, all in the name of Eve the woman who seems to be blamed by some for everything wrong in the world!  Almost every day there is at least one news item which saddens me and I am reminded that for so many women in the world it is a risky business to be female.  We also discussed how there are still lingering stereotypes in some churches as to how women should dress, serve, care etc and how they can feel shamed when they don’t conform to whatever the image of a “good woman” is in a particular place.  I grieve for the times we seem to have made such little progress but rejoice that there are women who are breaking the mold in the church and showing that there is liberation to be found in Jesus.

Note:  Akasha Hull is an African American feminist author.


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