God speaks through earrings

IMG-20130705-01374This morning I was facilitating a session on theological reflection.  I never expected God to speak through the earrings I had put on earlier!  We played with jigsaws, pictures, dice as well as lots of different theological resources.  Just as I was leaving the person who invited me came up and shared that he thought God wanted to say something to me through my seahorse earrings.  Apparently seahorses mate for life, and do a dance type thing where they wrap their tails round each other and.  The word was about my faithfulness to God and God’s faithfulness to me.  Earlier in the week I had shared something which I felt God had said to me which felt a little risky to do and sitting reflecting on the word shared with me brought me reassurance.  I have always found 2 Timothy 1.6 significant which is often rendered fan into flame the gift that is within you.  I am grateful for the person who shared what they thought God was saying to me – a simple word which had deep significance – and grateful to God that I was given something to share that blessed others.  I wonder what would have happened if I had put on a different pair of earrings!


One thought on “God speaks through earrings

  1. It is amazing how God speaks to us through all things, just as he did in the gospels, but we don’t always listen (atleast I don’t)! Maybe this is because we are too busy with life; we see it as ‘insignificant’; or it makes us feel vulnerable, but God always wants what is best for us and has so much to encourage us with if we open our hearts to him. Theological reflection was one of the main things I was so blessed to be taught by you both during my time with CYM. Thank you. Well done for being open, even when it felt risky. I know how hard that can be. It has never ceased to amase me how God blesses us as we seek to bless others. I am so glad that the word shared was of encouragement and significance to you. You and Paul are 2 of the most faithful and insirational people I know. Jesus’ love shines through you. When we were at Terry’s thanksgiving service, the simple gesture of Paul kneeling down to be at my level, and taking time to talk to me, meant more than words can say. It was the most spiritual support I had recieved for about 4yrs! He didn’t need to say much, but just his smile; his presence; the time he gave (when I know you were in a rush) and words of encouragement meant so much after several very dark years. Thank you both so much. You certainally are faithful to God.

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