Honest Christianity – changing my mind


I do not want to be the type of person who keeps changing their mind about things. You would never know where you were with me if I kept changing my mind because of what other people said, believed or did. Reliability, consistency and stability are values I hold highly.

I would want to be the type of person who changed their mind because of what God said, of meeting with God and hearing God speak, to direct and redirect me. The trouble is, I keep meeting fresh revelations of God in other people!! So, I can only conclude that there is something of God in other people that I do not yet have, which is fine if it is in people I like and or respect. What about when it is in areas of belief I am certain of and held with Biblical justification since I can remember? I can only continue to conclude, that I need to continue to believe that God desires for me to know God more, have more of the mind and attitude of Christ.

So if God can speak through a donkey to Balaam (Numbers 22:21-38), then I want God to speak to this donkey through people.


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