Wondering Wednesdays – weather wise?


Morning worship at 8am outside by the lake was one of the joys of the BIAPT conference, Being Human, Being Wise. The wonderful weather made it a possibility.  Our first morning worship finished with this prayer:

Show us how to do things well today, so that others may not suffer, here or there, now or in the future. Show us how to make our contribution as we change the way we live, travel, make and consume, pack and unpack, use, misuse and re use energy, heating and lighting. Show us how to do simple things well in our home, places of work and lifestyle choices. Show us how to protect the world you made, in all its diversity and goodness, from our carbon emissions, global warming and climate change, rising temperatures and sea levels, the displacement of peoples, environmental poverty, harm and destruction. Show us how and show us why, so that alone and with others our contribution will make a difference. Amen. (Robin Morrison)

I have had several conversations recently about the importance of having a global perspective and this prayer is an elegant articulation of that.  Googling the prayer I found it in various places in relation to climate change or creation and am reminded again of God’s command to us in the creation narrative (Genesis 1.28).  Today there have been thunderstorms and I read on Twitter of some friends whose house was flooded yet that seems almost inconsequential compared with some of the major weather tragedies that have occurred over recent years.  This prayer reminds me that I have my part to play in caring for the earth that is my home, that little choices I make are significant, that I need to reflect on my life and lifestyle and ask God to show me “how to do things well today”.

Prayer can be found in John Pritchard (ed) Prayers for troubled times. London: Church House Publishing, 2009, p54.


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