Stilling my head

Scotland 3 - April '13 097

If I could keep my head still I would be a much better golfer! I so want to lift my head to see where the ball is going and as soon as I lift my head the ball goes not very far so is not difficult to see! Being good at golf is a lot about rhythm and repetition – on shots where my rhythm is good it feels like the most wonderful game in the world. At other times it is the most frustrating game in the world – I try so hard and do so badly! Paul’s mantra for golf is fun and focus – there is a lot of wisdom in that, if I am not having fun playing golf then that is four and a half hours of my life I am never getting back where I could have been having fun!

On holiday I like to keep my head still in other ways too – still in taking time to take in surroundings and see God in God’s creation and still in not letting my mind wonder into things I can do nothing about – one of my default frustrating habits! So another lesson from my holiday is keep my head down and keep my head still and that results in the joy of a well struck shot or a deeply observed encounter with creation.


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