Danger Keep Out – Peace Garden

IMG-20130828-00002 (1)

I drive past this building every time I go to Queen’s where I trained for ordination – far too many times to count over the last three years or so, but I never noticed this building.  Well I am always driving and need to keep my eyes on the road and it is on the other side!  As I walked past it on Wednesday, quite by accident – I needed something from a supermarket – my heart wept a little.  It wept for the vision of those who set up such a project who had a vision for a place of peace in the city centre – this is 10 minutes walk at most from New Street Station – who may have seen their vision die.  It wept too for the paradox of a peace garden you are banned from that is a dangerous place to be.  I so wanted to go in and explore and experience the peace that would still be there but I couldn’t.  I wondered if sometimes we too easily turn away from seeking peace and give up and start again somewhere new or demolish and rebuild – sometimes something nowhere near as beautiful as what was pulled down.  My heart wept too for all the places around the world where there is no peace, where lives are torn apart and shattered as violence almost seems to reign.  Wishing for world peace sometimes sounds like a cliché but the Kingdom which is to come is a peaceful Kingdom and to see glimpses today of what tomorrow brings engenders hope.


2 thoughts on “Danger Keep Out – Peace Garden

  1. Thanks for this. Where is the photo taken? it? Sounds curious… and since BRF are soon running a training initiative on WW1 called ‘What Price Peace?’ it constitutes a powerful symbol for human aspirations and sad realities…

  2. Remember Birmingham?! If you walk up the road which is opposite the one New St station is in ie turn left going north on a38 or right going south at the Pagoda island and it is up on the right before you get to the Tesco express – looks like a church…

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