Go the distance


Today is my (Paul’s) birthday and in the spirit of a new year we thought we would take this opportunity to start a new blog stream having been mulling over what else we might want to blog about.  If you have read some of our other blogs, you may know one of our favourite films is Field of dreams and after throwing around a few ideas we have decided to use as a title for this new stream one of the phrases Ray hears in the film – go the distance.  In this new stream we hope to explore how life and ministry might best work and I expect to intersperse this with more thoughts on Honest Christianity in my weekend posts.

To go the distance is to value and practice longevity, commitment, perseverance, pursuing well-being and sustainability.  At church this morning we were chatting to Graham the URC minister about him starting his 30th year in ministry and we realised that was the case for us too.  So what we hope to do is to share a little bit of what we have learned along the way, often painfully ourselves but also through the inspiration of others.  When we were first exploring this concept for Sally’s Grove booklet on Sustaining Your Spirituality we came across a great book called Going the Distance by an Australian Bishop Peter Brain.  Then by one of those strange co-incidences we met his son Matt at a guest house in Pretoria before a conference we were all going to.  On Friday Matt came and stayed with us en route to a conference in Chester and we experienced in practice one of those things which has helped us go the distance over the years – like minded friends you can share honestly and openly with, throwing around ideas and sharing insights and experiences. The challenge for us is making sure that we do this often enough!


Peter Brain Going the Distance  Matthias Books 2004.

Sally Nash Sustaining Your Spirituality  Grove Books 2006.


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