Prayer for my up and down day

Yesterday was one of the most emotional rollercoaster type days I have had for a long time – I live much of my life on an even keel. It began with a bit of study so that was good – didn’t do all I wanted to over the summer. Then it was off to Aston Villa for the auction where we were well outbid for the property we wanted for a Community House in the parish, we lamented over coffee and coke! Next I was in town having a fascinating conversation about ministry, the Bible and all sorts and with a great cup of coffee. After that I had a nice surprise in that my broken phone was replaced by a new one – reduction in frustration I hope. Next was a spiritual companion type meeting where I needed wisdom. I got the train home only to find my car was not at the station where I had parked it! I had inadvertently parked by a dropped down curb that was a disabled crossing – something I would never knowingly do but there were no markings or notices to alert me! My lovely husband rescued me and £140 lighter I returned home frustrated, annoyed with myself. I then spoke to my adorable nephew about his great first day at school which was definitely a joyful time. The final thing for the day was spiritual companions training at church – I think the role play Paul and I did reflected my day! Anyway, I don’t really think most of you are interested in the minutiae of the day but reflecting back on it I know I would draw a very up and down emotional graph. It is then that I realise how important it is to pray at those times so that I don’t get overwhelmed by the emotion. Added to all of that it was one of my 2 of 5.2 days so comfort eating wasn’t available to me which was probably a good thing! This prayer is one we use:

Lord, Lord, Open unto Me

Open unto me – light for my darkness

Open unto me – courage for my fear

Open unto me – hope for my despair

Open unto me – peace for my turmoil

Open unto me – joy for my sorrow

Open unto me – strength for my weakness

Open unto me – wisdom for my confusion

Open unto me – forgiveness for my sins

Open unto me – tenderness f or my toughness

Open unto me – love for my hates

Open unto me – Thy Self for my self.

Lord, Lord, open unto me!  Amen

(Howard Thurman, African American Civil Rights Leader and Theologian)


4 thoughts on “Prayer for my up and down day

  1. Thanks Sally, appreciate you sharing your day…it really does help to know other people wade through the rollercoasters too. the prayer is great. thanks.

  2. Yes, makes me feel better if even YOU have up and down days but isn’t it great that you reflected and noticed the ups rather than just the downs… Inspiring and challenging

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