Wondering Wednesdays – unexpected blessings

Blackberry Oct 2010 1599I love it when something really good happens that I wasn’t expecting.  I can be a little bit of a glass half empty person rather than half full and sometimes it feels that this isn’t very honouring of God. So today I want to express gratitude for some of those things but perhaps also that I have noticed them when some days they must just pass me by…

Yesterday our new car arrived – a three year old new car. The person who delivered the car was showing us where everything was and pointing out some of the things we may not have thought about. He searched absolutely everywhere for one thing and had to resort to the manual and then he had a moment of enlightenment – a car that usually only has an inflation kit actually had a spare tyre! We had given up even asking for a car with one as none of the models we looked at had one but with the number of miles we do not having one seemed to be a bit risky.

On Sunday we talked about our church retreat on Holy Island. I was rustling in a bag beside me trying to find the peanuts for the wine and nibbles bit of the evening and suddenly realised that the person next to me was talking to me – I thought she was explaining where the card was we all needed to sign! I was presented with the most gorgeous, generous gift of some glass representing Cuthbert’s island and the sea – it seemed so disproportionate to what I had done. It was such an unexpected blessing and I tried hard to be gracious in receipt as sometimes I find it hard to be the centre of attention and to accept appreciation of what I have done.

I went on a training course a couple of weeks ago and it helped me explore something which was just the right concept for a situation I faced on the retreat. I was prepared in advance for something that was going to occur and that was a blessing too.

Someone sent me an email with some information we discussed but quite unlinked made a comment about something I had done which was really encouraging – unsolicited blessing.

Saying the blessing is one of my favourite parts of the Eucharist, I want to reflect more about being a blessing and well as talking about blessing and how I can perhaps facilitate unexpected blessings to others.


One thought on “Wondering Wednesdays – unexpected blessings

  1. You are both a blessing to me and so many others. This blog is a real blessing and spirtual encouragement. Thank you. I am glad that you have been blessed by others.
    Lucy xx

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