Honest Christianity – it will all come out in the wash


As the one (Paul) who does the laundry in our house it seems to me sometimes that’s not true, not everything does.

While there is a common metaphor of our sins being washed away reflecting as I prepare our laundry helps me to see it is not quite as simple as it appears at first hand.

My conclusion is that there is a need for a difference in response to my varied mistakes. Some can be wiped off then a normal wash, for others as high a temperature as possible and some have become stains that need a soak in some specialist liquid;

Some of my mistakes or the receiving of grief from others are not effectively dealt with by I’m sorry, please forgive me.  They need time soaking, preparation before normal washing. The same is true for deep stains I have spilt on myself or have been intentionally or accidentally spilt upon me.

The discernment seems to be in being able to know what treatment is needed for which stain.  Some of our clothes need washing on a delicate wash, to treat them in any other way would be in danger of ruining the clothes.

The outcome from my reflection is that we treat the stains of ourselves and others very differently.   This involves gracious treatment of others, not knowing the source of their stains but making sure we identify the correct way to deal with our own stains.

Our Christian hope is that all the stains, deep seated or not will eventually come out in the wash.


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