Honest Christianity – society’s sins – my sins?

Blackberry Oct 2010 1196

For a long time I have appreciated the power and significance of repentance and forgiveness. The option, opportunity and capacity to understand my personal human weaknesses and do something about them is a part of my spirituality. To reflect on my day, my week and examine my life, to come to God with a humble and quietly confident spirit and ask and receive forgiveness, is one of Kingdom life’s most liberating gifts.

But the danger for me is that I focus on what is personal, not what is corporate or structural. What about not fulfilling my global, economic, environmental responsibilities? It struck me in Church this morning in the confession that it seems impossible to know what they all are. The prayer was around the sins of society and I started to think am I doomed to fail by being a part of this society, yet not always knowing what it is that we have done wrong by being part of this society? It seems to border on complacency to just do an all encompassing confession for omissions and commissions. But if I am to live in all the benefits of forgiveness and being right with God and fellow humanity, then this attitude and act needs to be authentic.

This authenticity I suspect is found in seeking to lead a life of awareness, vigilance, discernment and commitment to the wider society and world of which we are apart and making informed choices from a bigger perspective than just me in my world.


One thought on “Honest Christianity – society’s sins – my sins?

  1. So very true. I have always found it so hard to get the balance right of being in the world but not of the world. Whilst like you I very much appreciate (and reflect) on my personal human weaknesses, I at times struggle to recieve/feel forgiveness. I know that God can and will forgive me if I repent of all the times I stuff up, yet sometimes I struggle to feel God’s love or simply think I am not worthy of his forgiveness. I know alot of this is because of issues such as low self esteem and lies that society has at times fed me, but it is a barrier I find it hard to break down. It is also something I feel a sense of shame about at times as I think I shouldn’t struggle with things like that, and as Christians I think we often create a culture where we say what we think people want to hear, not how it really is (something I hated when doing youthwork). I have only felt able to share this because of how real you both are about life and your struggles. I find it so much easier to love/forgive others than to love/be loved myself. I think for me that my struggles still lie with the personal…maybe global will have to wait for another day!

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