Slow change


Memories of the bonfire nights of my adolescence are of bare trees, crunchy leaves underfoot and hats, scarves and thick coats. The big local bonfire was one of the social highlights of the year at my school. Yesterday I went for a walk in a local park and there was still so much green – the odd tree was shedding its leaves but it didn’t feel like November to me…

I took this picture on Monday on the short walk I do when I arrive at St John’s College. I love the way the sun illuminates the tree and the contrast of the beautiful colours of the leaves and the blue of the sky. It feels like this year I am waiting for autumn, I keep looking for it, particularly those leaves that turn nearly read and it still doesn’t seem to be fully here yet. I don’t always do patience well and sometimes find the slow changes in my life hard – there is the bit of me that wants things to happen instantly. But when I look back I can see how far I have come in some ways and the slow change means that I have got to know and be comfortable with the evolving Sally as God and I work together as I seek to mediate more of Christ.


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