Honest Christianity – faith and doubt: opposites or conjoined twins?

conjoined twins

One of the things we said we would do in with our blog is to refer you to resources and writers that epitomise our values and objectives.  The two books by Jeff Lucas and Adrian Plass, Seriously funny 1&2 are some of the resources that are wonderful examples and encourager’s of Honest Christianity. The books are exchanges of letters between two of the funniest, insightful, accessible Christian writers of our time. They are frank, vulnerable and inspirational.

In a discussion on the role and merit of doubt, Adrian suggests “that faith and doubt seem to be twins, joined at birth”. I find this a really useful analogy, a few years ago when I was doing some studies on medical ethics and law, I did an assignment on conjoined twins and ethical and legal implications of the risks and benefits of potential separations. One of the most famous recent cases was of two children that in being joined also shared key organs, and if separated, the life of one of the children could not be guaranteed.

Perhaps this is how faith and doubt should be viewed, joined at humanity’s spiritual birth, and cannot, and should not be surgically separated without a risk to our spiritual health and well-being. So we learn anew to live with our questioning as an essential interconnection to that which we know. They need each other, they share similarities and commonalities and are not as opposite as we might have traditionally believed.

Reference:  Adrian Plass, Jeff Lucas.  Seriously Funny 2.  Milton Keynes:  Authentic 2012, p68.


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