Honest Christianity – watching and waiting with hope


Watching and waiting with hope eloquently describes advent on our Paediatric intensive care unit (PICU). Families sit and watch their child and the monitors, waiting to see improvements. They can become quite expert and I honour them for their vigil. It is a good job they have nurses looking after them, because although I join the families looking at the monitors, I nod and umm but I have very little idea of the meaning of what I am looking at. I have a bit of an idea on the sats and what is healthy and good.  Past that I don’t have a lot of insight.

But what am I watching and waiting for?

I am reminded of when Jesus talks about hearing and not hearing, looking and not seeing (Matthew 13:14-15).  I don’t want to be like that.  What I have decided to do for the next 3 weeks is to be a little more attentive, looking and listening a little bit harder. I am not doing this with an expectation of what I might find.  But in the spirit of theologically reflecting on my everyday life, preparing to be surprised of what I might see or hear of, in who, how and where the coming of Jesus is being prepared for.


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