Go the distance – being hungry again



I have noticed for a while I am full up and reflected that I have not been hungry for about 4 weeks now. In celebrating Christmas I have been eating lots of lovely food, all the meals with lots of grazing in between. Yummy and all very enjoyable!!   The consequence for the last week or so has been that I have not eaten a meal because I was hungry, but because it was meal time. As someone who enjoys food, this is not a completely unusual feeling, there is often so much to enjoy and it is also rude not to accept what is served to us, just rude!

Yet as I write this I am aware of the dissonance of the title of this particular post and of the many people who do not have enough to eat – this is certainly a western world problem and it does seem crazy and unjust that there is enough food in the world for everyone to eat but an inability or unwillingness to make this happen.  I want to think more about my food choices and the implications of these. 

Sally and I have been on the 5:2 diet for the past year or so, where you only have 500 calories two days a week. One of unexpected benefits of a fast day is that I had come to appreciate being hungry. Don’t get me wrong, I have not become so much of an ascetic that I have enjoyed the discomfort but what I have appreciated is not being full all the time. For me it has been an opportunity to think about the needs and wants of others and myself.

There are some spiritual, ministerial and theological parallels here too but my thoughts are not yet fully formed so I will blog about this at a later date.   Certainly looking after our bodies is something that does help us to go the distance.  It is not a case of new year new me but more of a this is a natural time to reflect on some of my disciplines and my relationship to food is one of them.  Any one want to share their connections or insights on this?


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