My kind of cafe


I have seen lots of different things in cafes but never a mobility scooter complete with rainproofing!   It was amazing and the staff were so helpful with the gentleman helping him to get ready to leave.  It reminded me that we make choices about where we drink, shop, eat etc and we can choose places that resonate with our values and I am encouraged to do that as I want places like this to thrive and continue.  I think often about the sort of space that is created in different places and loved this accessible, welcoming, hospitable place.   In my gratitude journal this week I wrote down good coffee at church – it was a small thing to do in many ways but has just added to our vision of growing loving community.


One thought on “My kind of cafe

  1. It is great that the cafe was a place the genleman was able to access and hopefully enjoy. I think with people more and more wanting value for money, speed and convenience that places like this can easily be lost, but with that is lost the welcoming community that is so important to society and may be a real lifeline to some. Since being disabled I have become more and more aware about how much we so often take for granted. For me choices have become so much more limited with having to think where I can access using my scooter and even things like where I can cross the road…it is amazing how far you have to go in places before finding a lowered curb and how many shops are impossible to even get into. I hope that I can hold on to the lessons that God has been teaching me in order to help others and I pray that loving community may continue to thrive in society.

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