Wondering Wednesdays: a new present


It is the human situation to meet the present with interpretations of the past. 

Virgina Satir

Today I did something lovely, I booked to go to a very special event in the autumn.  However, there was a problem with the credit card – whatever I did I couldn’t get past the verifying security page!  Technological malfunction is one of the things that frustrate me most!  I finally got it to work by changing the credit card I was using!  Knowing myself well I very consciously began to fight the feelings of annoyance and frustration at how difficult it was to do something simple, and the error I had made in choosing the credit card that wants me to verify purchases and tried to enter the joy of the moment – we were going, with the awesome, adorable nephew and my brother, somewhere very special! It will be a new experience for me.

I am sometimes a half empty glass type of person rather than a half full one, my interpretations of the past with which I meet the present can sometimes be the more negative lens or the less charitable thought.  This is the biggest problem when I am tired and getting into a woe is me spiral over something fairly trivial is something I try to avoid but don’t always manage.  I am always challenged by the story of manna in the wilderness (Exodus 16.11-21), how God provided the children of Israel with just enough for the day but only on the day – it couldn’t be stored up except for the sabbath! If I had been one of them perhaps I would be better able to draw on the resources in God that are there for me and my interpretation of the present would be based on God’s faithfulness in the past.  However, baggage gets in the way and my emotions take over sometimes but in the way that Isaiah 61 talks about beauty for ashes, for example, so I am trying, though not always succeeding, to remember God’s faithfulness realising that God’s way and God’s response might be the better way!


Virgina Satir  Meditations and Inspirations  John Banmen and Jan Gerber (eds)  Berkley  Celestial Arts 1985 p55


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