Our first anniversary – come and go Jesus

Buckfast window

A year ago today we launched our blog, we now wonder why we didn’t start a long time ago.  The discipline of each blogging once a week has helped make us more reflective, more attentive to what God may be saying as we pray about what we should blog about if nothing has come to mind as we have anticipated our next post.  We have valued the interaction we have had with so many people over things we have posted and are particularly grateful to those who have taken the time to post a comment on the blog or on facebook or have shared what we have posted more widely.

This picture is from one of our very favourite shelters – the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament at Buckfast Abbey in Devon.  It is the size of the side of a semi-detached house – if you have not seen it then it is well worth a detour if you are driving down the A38!  We regularly go in and spend some time there on our trips to Cornwall.  For us it is our come and go Jesus.  There are some days when Jesus seems to be saying “come”, it could be come and listen, come and rest, come and be loved, come and be, somehow Jesus meets us in the chapel in the way that we need.   There are other days when Jesus says “go”, go into the world, go and love, go and minister, go and tell, go and bless, go in peace…  The chapel has been a place of exploring and being inspired in our vocations.  It is one of those sacred, thin places and we could list the ways in which it has worked as a marker post for us too.

Every day as we walk down the stairs there is a painting of the outside of Buckfast Abbey, the window cannot be seen as it is at the back of the abbey but it acts as one of those remembering things Sally talked about in Wednesdays blog – we can get out a postcard and look at the picture although in reality we can just close our eyes and picture ourselves there.  So on this first anniversary of our blog we decided to share  one of our favourite marker posts and shelters which inspired the title we chose.


One thought on “Our first anniversary – come and go Jesus

  1. It made my heart smile as soon as I saw this picture. It is a very special place to me too. A place I often visited on family holidays when camping in Devon. Most of our visits there were far too rushed. On reflection, I have at times been guilty of almost thinking of the Abbey and the wonderful window, as a tourist attraction…somewhere to visit on a rainy day. There has always been something/someone, drawing me back there though even when there have been few opportunities to take time to sit, listen and be. I remember a time about 10yrs ago a of immence suffering in my family’s life; a time when there simply weren’t any words. On that occasion our trip to the Abbey was very different. Jesus was saying “come”. In our own time and space we each lit candles and spent time in the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament. There was no rush to leave; to get on to the next thing. Jesus met us in our time of need. He called us to come and be loved. When the time came he said to “go”. We were going back into what seemed a very dark, cruel world; a world where so many things were out of our control, yet Jesus sent us to go in peace.

    Just like you I have a picture. Mine is not of the Abbey itself. It is a Christian picture with the word “Joy” in the middle and lots of other words scattered around. Mummy saw it in the giftshop there and wanted it so I bought it for her. Whilst it does not show the Abbey, when I look at it or even think of it, I see the beautiful window and picture myself there. I hope and pray that I can spend many more times at Buckfast Abbey, and that this time I will take the time that Jesus wants me to spend there, whether it be to “come” or “go”.

    Happy first anniversary to this blog! Thank you for all that you have both shared; for the way it has nurtured me spiritually, drawn me closer to God and encouraged me to be more reflective and attentive to what God may be saying in my life.

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