Friday photo – walking towards the light


This is a picture of Paul walking along the beach towards the Turnberry lighthouse, stick in hand, picking up litter as he goes.  It seemed apt for the second week of Lent, the light of Easter day seems a long way off like the lighthouse and I am encountering some of the rubbish along the journey as I am being self-reflective and examining some of my attitudes, thoughts and feelings.  I am however, still resisting chocolate except on Sundays.  I know some people think it is a bit soft to have Sundays off but it reminds me of one of my most deeply held principles, that of sabbath, where the day is different.  On Sundays eating chocolate I am delighting in all the good things God has created.  Last week it was a creme egg, this week a small bar of turkish delight!

Looking at the picture I notice the stick too – Lent is easier with support, journeying with others who are also making choices this season to live a little differently.


One thought on “Friday photo – walking towards the light

  1. I love this picture and yr reflection on it.

    I had always thought it was a bit of a cop-out to eat chocolate etc on Sundays and it’s something YP have often asked me about, with some wanting me to say it is ok and others that it isn’t! I find yr explanation very insightful and am sure Jesus would want you to delight in his creations!

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