Honest Christianity – God sense


Chartres labyrinth

As we all know, sometimes life does just not make sense. Things that happen, or have happened or not happened as we have expected or hoped for cause us to say “Why?  What is going on?  That does just not seem fair.  It doesn’t make sense.”

I value the gifts of reason and logic. It’s helpful to try and work things out, to speculate and hypothesise what or why things happen.  Sometime it is the right and responsible thing to.  Humanity is gifted with a great deal of ability to resolve problems.  But I also value faith and trust. This is in God and others. When it does not seem quite right or even very wrong or bad, my trust in that other person or God shapes the way I respond.

With Easter coming up, there is much to reflect upon during Lent that does not make a lot of sense – an appreciation of imminent suffering and death. It only makes God sense.

Sometimes I need the logic and faith, reason and logic of, and in, God sense.


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