Wondering Wednedays – challenges of pastoral care


This week we are at a conference on researching chaplaincy.  When I was in hospital I really valued the visit of a chaplain – my wellbeing was enhanced by being able to talk about my fears and concerns about major surgery with someone who actually had time to listen.  The nurse had offered to come back later when I began to get tearful!  Ordination has made me think a little more about pastoral care, what it is and how we offer it – I am not sure I have lots of answers but have been challenged by this quotation which I came across during my training…

Our generation of Christians stands on the edge:  the dangerous edge.  We face a crisis of human values and community care.  Will we move courageously forward in imitation of Jesus the compassionate and risk-taking lover and healer?  Or will our faint-heartedness and conservatism, our tiredness and lack of faith, win out and turn us back from the challenge facing us and the future of pastoral care?  Perhaps the pastoral strategy and tactics of Jesus will give us heart (Gittins 1999:111).

In Lent we explore some of the pastoral encounters of Jesus and this year it is becoming an opportunity for me to reflect on the different ways I both exercise and receive pastoral care.

It is an ongoing reflection…


A. J. Gittins, Reading the Clouds (Ligouri: Ligouri Publications, 1999).



2 thoughts on “Wondering Wednedays – challenges of pastoral care

  1. At risk of being flippant – sometimes pastoral care can involve gentle challenges! I hope that photo is of Paul’s drink or is from pe-Lent days!! Just wanting to encourage you in your resolve about chocolate…….. Hope the conference has been good!

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