Friday photo – Caring for the Human Spirit

Caring for spirit

We have had an amazing time at a conference that embodies its own title – I have returned home feeling that my Spirit has been cared for.  I have been inspired, encouraged, experienced generous sharing of resources and have my mind full of the connections between chaplaincy and youth work and how some of the resources and approaches may be adapted.  But most of all I am taking back a feeling of being part of a group who are passionate about their calling and wanting to know how to work more effectively as chaplains but also lots of different healthcare related professions.  One of the other things I am reflecting on is meeting people in healthcare with “mission” in their title – Catholic and Lutheran, and although I think I do my job with an awareness of the mission of CYM and St John’s I like the way that embodying values is integral to these people’s roles.  I feel enormously privileged to be at the first conference launching a research focus for chaplaincy and encouraged by the significance of some of the work CYM ( and Birmingham Children’s Hospital are doing in this area.



One thought on “Friday photo – Caring for the Human Spirit

  1. Glad you both had such an encouraging, spirit filled time. It is an area that I hope I will be able to explore more in the future. Just started reading a book about chaplaincy that Paul recommended.

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