Honest Christianity – Appropriate Hope

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I am mindful this week as to how long the search for the missing plane has been going on for. At the time of writing (April 6th 2014), the search has been going on for 4 weeks. The families of the missing passengers are more than understandably frustrated by the lack of results from the search. The battery of the black box is due to run out, and therefore stop sending out a signal. What the families hope for has changed as the hours, days and weeks have gone by. How can they not do anything but hope for their loved ones to be found? It seems like to stop believing they might still be alive, is to feel you are giving up. At least there is a need to find proof of what has happened.

I can not possibly know what it feels like to be in this kind of position. I am not sure I would approach it any differently.

Hope is a universal strong emotion in the families we support in the hospital. Some of these families have a hope even in the midst of the most helpless situations. We seek to encourage families to have appropriate hope, a hope that is realist to the diagnosis, percentages and the skills of the staff.

Honest Christianity must be characterised by appropriate hope. Not a blind faith, or no faith, but one that is informed. This is not the opposite of hope, we hope for what we do not yet see, but it is informed. I have hope for the future because of my past experiences of the faithfulness of God and my belief that God is good all the time. We hope that God will be us, the Holy Spirit helping us, interceding for us in our struggles.

We join our prayers with the comforters for these families, that they may have strength, patience and appropriate hope for what ever the future.


2 thoughts on “Honest Christianity – Appropriate Hope

  1. Thanks Paul. I’m preparing a workshop for an international conference entitled Hope when hope is gone……you’ve added fuel to my fire. Your point about realism is so important. Whether for people who share Christian faith or not, hope is so vital to our very beings. A major theme in psychotherapy.

  2. Very powefully written Paul. I can’t really think of the words to reply with but I love the term “appropriate hope”. I think your point about realism is vital to and is something that can sometimes be difficult to link in with our Christian faith. It is so true though. There have, and continue to be so many times in my life where I have no idea how I could have lived through those situations without the hope that faith gives me. I cannot imagine life without hope.

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