Friday photo – flotsam in my life

unnamed (2)Rope

I love walking along the beach and seeing what the storms have thrown up.  The flotsam in the picture was this week’s discovery.  It felt like such a creative expression of what was going on in my life – there was the main rope or thread but all sorts of things had become attached.  Life feels a lot like that.  I have the main threads of my calling but along the way I have picked up other bits – some have become completely integrated into who I am and perhaps show a different facet of me, others have become attached and will become detached – they are only part of what I am doing for a season.  My study is hopefully one of those things, a book chapter I need to write, a short term project that is coming to the end.  There are also the things that have attached themselves to me that I need to discard, attitudes, patterns of thinking which are so unhelpful…  I love the complexity of the image of flotsam – I can look at it for half an hour and keep spotting new things but I am praying that God looses the bits I need to let go and strenthens the core that hold everything together.



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