Honest Christianity – Easter reflections


There have been several things that have struck me this Easter. One has been hearing about the culinary delight of a deep fried cream egg, not yet tried. Another was a home-made hot cross bun so good we shouldn’t call it by the same name as what we buy in the shops. Another was reading the research commissioned by the Bible Society:
• One in three children have no idea why Christians mark Good Friday
• One in four of them do not know why Easter Sunday is celebrated
• More than a quarter of British children think the Hare and the Tortoise may feature in the Easter story.
• A council bans Good Friday Passion of the Christ play fearing it was a live sex show!
Seems we don’t communicate the Easter message very effectively!

This morning I preached at our hospital service on Matthew’s resurrection story and encouraged particularly the women, the mothers to continue to have faith in the quality of their witness even within the midst of their earthquakes. This is what continues to impress me, the faithfulness of their vigil, in the uncertain waiting, but holding onto resurrection hope. This is what I encouraged them in, to live in resurrection hope, in the midst of the cross,

I love the commonality between the Christmas and Easter angels. They both encourage “Do not be afraid”, at the beginning and end of the Jesus story, perhaps the same angel has the same line… This seems to be what we need to hear in the light of the revelation of the incarnation and resurrection. Do not be afraid but have resurrection hope. This seems to be an honest Christian message, taking seriously our fears and our faith. Both are true.


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