Friday photo – unload, don’t park

BenchToday I woke up having had a slightly weird dream that I can’t quite trace the origin of – it was unsettling rather than disturbing and I felt I needed to metaphorically spend a bit of time on this bench where the sign says no parking, unloading only.  I needed to unload to Jesus the emotions that could distract me on a day when I need an alert brain to study!  If I don’t do this the emotions park in my head and distract me all day.

I prayed too this prayer of thanksgiving from the Iona Community:

We thank you God for the mystery of your presence here with us.

We thank you for the mystery of ourselves.

We thank you for the sense of compassion.

We thank you for the things of this world.

We thank you for your sense of humour.

We thank you for being you, and making us – us,

unique as you are unique,

mysterious as you are mysterious,

loving and caring as you are loving and careing.

Teach us Lord to use the gifts you have given us.

Teach us to share them with one another.

Give us grace to use our gifts

to bring healing to the world.


Ruth Burgess and Kathy Galloway (eds) Praying for the dawn. Glasgow:  Wild Goose Publications, 2000, p156.


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