Go the distance – legacy

I have mixed feelings about the concept of legacy. One part of me likes the idea of leaving something behind, but another part of me thinks this is presumptuous. In preparation for a talk I am doing next week, I came across this quote from Jim Wallis:

It is not only the work that we do, it is the work we inspire

I really like this and find it helpful when I am thinking about my motives for doing some more of the out there work that we sometimes try. There is the temptation to try and do it all now. For a long time I have been committed to not trying to achieve everything in all the work we do. I am now more committed to building on what has gone before and hopefully giving a platform for those to come next. This can be legacy, acknowledging and respecting our heritage we have been encouraged and inspired by and seeking to contribute not complete all that we dream of being in place for our areas of service and the Kingdom.


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