Wondering Wednesdays – nurturing vocation

Faith of Generation Y#3#

One of my colleagues talked really passionately today about our function as CYM (www.childrenyouthmission.org) to encourage vocations to work with children and young people.  It gave me a fresh insight as she talked about engaging with schools to encourage people to consider such work.  It was at both school and church that my own vocation was nurtured – at school it was doing a summer service project working on a holiday club with the Church Army and at church working with the age group below mine – a junior leader!  Although I am now ordained I have not lost the passion that has been there for so many years to work with children and young people and also to equip others to do that.  When Ephesians 4.12 talks about equipping the saints for works of service that is what immediately leaps to mind for me.

I wonder about some of the people I have encountered across the years, coming home today it was ten year old Terry and the enormous purple turnip we painted when probably I should have been doing a Bible story with them, nine year old Neil who sometimes used to just come and sit on my lap, 14 year old Jenny who I walked hand in hand around Harrods with…  I doubt they have any idea the difference they made in my life and how they helped me explore who I was becoming and what God was calling me to.

I feel immensely blessed to have such a strong sense of vocation and it would be something I would pray for others – having that sense of doing what God created me to do is one of things I most highly value.  Nurturing vocation is one of those things that as youth workers we can give time and attention to which may make a difference to children and young people in the future.

I have blogged before about the film Field of Dreams but that it is fascinating to watch through the lens of vocation – the character Doc Graham in particular – if just a little bit we can pursue our passions it can be transformational.


2 thoughts on “Wondering Wednesdays – nurturing vocation

  1. I feel passionately about this too. I am eternally grateful to those who recognised something in me as a teenager that I did not know was there. They gave me the confidence to believe that I had something to offer and secondly the desire to serve God and the Church with the gifts that I was discovering. I get very excited by the regular opportunities to the same with the young people currently in my life.

    • Hi lovely to hear from you assuming you are the Georgina Taylor we know in real life! It is the most exciting part of my job I think in many ways – seeing potential and then seeing God do amazing things!

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