Friday photo – what would my picture say?


This picture of the theologian Moltmann accompanies an article in the BMS Mission Catalyst magazine.  What stands out to me is the word hope, the word which I automatically associate with him.  I love the creativity and inspiration of the picture and began to wonder what all the words would be if a picture of me was created…  It is a task I would like to journal about some time, not sure I quite have the skills to do the picture bit but like the idea of articulating some of my core theology in this way.

The accompanying article has these quotes from that talk Moltmann gave at a conference:

Hope is based on the remembrance of the coming of Jesus who was raised from the dead and who is going ahead of us.  (p7)

Hope is, in fact, anticipated joy.  In anxiety, we anticipate coming terror.  In hope we anticipate coming fullness of life.  (p7)

There are always conditions in life, personal and public, which are in obvious contradiction to the love of God.  And these we have to overcome.  There are always conditions which are in accord with the love of God and correspond to God’s kingdom, and these we have to enjoy and promote as much as we can. (p8)


Mission Catalyst Issue 2 2014 p6-8.  Article written by Jonathan Langley.


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