Wondering Wednesdays – longer lasting than the tweet

MYOne of the dangers for me of live tweeting from a conference is that I focus more on crafting the tweet than really hearing what was being said.  However, one of the benefits is that I can go back to my twitter feed and remind myself of those little gems you hear that you want to dwell in your heart and mind for a while.  On Saturday I heard Mark Yaconelli speak at the Diocese of Birmingham’s Transforming Youth Ministry Conference and on Monday Mark was speaking on sustaining your spirituality for the long haul at St John’s College Nottingham where the Midlands Institute for Children Youth and Mission (www.childrenyouthmission.org) that I lead is based.  So these are some of the thoughts I don’t want to lose:

It is a commandment to take a day off! Don’t forget that! Take a day to rest, receive, slow down, and remember…

Jesus needed to come home to who he was so he could go out and serve – take a Sabbath…

Part of your work and calling is to allow yourself to be loved, when you slow down you start to feel what is happening in your community…

Love yourself as you love others – many of us need to do it this way round not the way it says in the gospels…

Jesus has soft eyes – as youthworkers we need to let our young people know the are truly seen…

Sense of adventure and holy mischief is what we should model about Christian faith to young people…

Freedom we have in Jesus is like a snow day! Remember how exciting they are…


One thought on “Wondering Wednesdays – longer lasting than the tweet

  1. There are many times when I wonder how on earth you and Paul fit everything into yr lives-your ministry with MCYM and BCH; yr ministry at church; the books you write; conferences you go on…to name but a few. Then I see your posts about the wonderful Buckfast Abbey, photos of the sea, quiet times with God, golf, retreats, coffee shops, chocolate and time with your Nephew and Godchildren. In some ways that just adds to my awe of how you achieve so much but in others it speaks to me of a very important balance you seek to have in your life which enables you to have a more sustainable ministry. There is so much I need to learn from this…lessons that if I had taken more note of I doubt I would have ended up so ill with M.E.

    I love all of your comments above and they give me alot to reflect on. In particular the need to allow myself to be loved and to love myself as I love others. I love the bit about sense of adventure and “holy mischief”! Really encouraging and inspiring to hear things put in a fresh way. Thank you for sharing.

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