Friday photo – thirty years and not counting…

Scrapbook 1Scrapbook2



















This Wednesday, my lovely colleagues at MCYM arranged a surprise celebration for Nigel Roberts and I who have spent thirty years with Youth for Christ.  The pictures are of the scrapbook I was given with lots of lovely words in it about me.  I always find it a little hard to read such words as sometimes how I see myself doesn’t quite match with what others are reflecting.  I am so grateful for the celebration and the opportunity to remember the many people over the years who have been part of my life and who have contributed to who I am and who I am becoming.  I value longevity in ministry which is why we had Mark Yaconelli at St John’s on Monday talking about spirituality for the long haul and I feel as committed to youth work today as I did when I started so many years ago.

I started reflecting on photos in Lent but have carried it on as I am finding it helpful to identify what it is out in the real world that is impacting me.  The opening lines to the Oasis song Don’t look back in anger can be true of me sometimes:  Slip inside the eye of your mind, don’t you know you might find a better place to play.

Finding God in the world around me has become more important and this week I have found a God of faithfulness who has been with me through all the different seasons of life, and who has been gracious enough to help me mediate a little bit of who God is to others.  An amazing week which I didn’t quite expect…


2 thoughts on “Friday photo – thirty years and not counting…

  1. God is so faithful. The issue is not how long I live, but will I live each day. We cannot live by avoiding death: we must choose life. God doesn’t normally tell us to attack the negative, but to choose the positive. The New Covenant is a reversal of the old negative. Sally, you are made in his image and as such mirror particular aspects of him. One of your particular demonstrations of him is your faithfulness and perseverance.

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