Honest Christianity – I wonder why…


I am sure we have all felt that our way forward has been blocked at different times in our life. This is another holiday picture that sparked a reflection. It looks like this was once a door that has now been blocked up. It is on a beach in South East Cornwall. Honest Christianity might ask, why is it blocked, who blocked it, who does not want me to go through it?

If this was my house, I would want the direct access to the beach, what would be the point of having a garden that went down to the sea and not having access to it?

I just love pictures and images like this, the possibilities, the imagination, it is good for me to come out of the literal side of my brain. I have come to see that sometimes it is helpful for my natural way to be blocked.

I wonder if this is a blockage of safety. This is near where the storms  earlier this year took out much of the sea wall and some of the clock tower. Perhaps this was the sacrifice the owners had to make to keep the rest of their property safe.

I am teaching ethics for children’s and youth work this week. As much as my natural tendency is for right and wrong, I am coming to reflect that many of the ethical dilemmas I find myself in, I sense I need to choose the lesser of two evils. I do not want either really, but what is less harmful, less damaging is sometimes the choice we are faced with.

Safe house or access to beach? Each option comes with a cost.


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