Friday photo – wisdom and play

year 3 leaving

I love this year’s MCYM leaver’s photo (sadly a couple of people are missing from it including Paul whose country needed him!) the bouncy castle is the perfect background for it.  There is a lot of wisdom represented in this picture – we as staff have learnt from our students as they have learnt from us and we have all learnt from God.  However, along the way there has been a lot of play too and I love the way that these two images are found together in the Bible.  I explored this a bit in a chapter I wrote for a new book:

Wisdom as she is seen in Proverbs 8 can be seen as both playful and maternal which perhaps offers a useful contrast to those who may associate the word ‘wise’ with being sensible, boring and grown up. So in pursuing wisdom we are building on our capacity to play. As Brown (2012) argues that if we see Wisdom in the image of the child then it underscores the primacy of play in wise living and wisdom’s authority is ‘creative, enlivening, and formative as much as it is normative’ (2012, p.32) as well as ‘intimate and nurturing’ (2012, p.36).


Nash, S. Being a Reflective Practitioner and Lifelong Learner – Pursuing Wisdom and Fruitfulness in S. Nash, J. Whitehead (eds) Christian Youth Work in Theory and Practice. London: SCM, 2014.
Brown, W.P. ‘Wisdom and Child’s Play: Proverbs and Paideia’ in K.E. Lawson (ed) Understanding Children’s Spirituality. Eugene: Wipf and Stock, 2012.



One thought on “Friday photo – wisdom and play

  1. Congratulations – on the end of another year – another set of graduates well trained and reflective,- on the book and on generally being a great inspiration in the field. Soon time to play more over the summer…… always needed and always wise ….. and godly but not necessarily in the franchised way!

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