Honest Christianity – the benefit of rules

Scotland 3 - April '13 161

I have just returned from a week playing in a golf competition. At several times during the 40 or so matches, the question of what was the correct ruling arose; the ball moved while I was standing by it, putting my putter down in front of the ball, ball goes in the water and where should I hit the next one from etc.

These decisions were made at the time by either by one of the players saying they know what to do, or if it is unknown, quickly looking it up in a small rules book or online. The former method is not foolproof, sometimes we remember wrongly or apply the wrong rule. But without some boundaries golf would be impossible to play.

What has this got to do with honest Christianity? Well, it helps to know the rules so it is fair for everyone. It also seems like the concept of having rules is seen as obsolete and outdated. I know we might not always agree what the rules of life should or could be, but at least l want to advocate the usefulness of rules and how they can aid humanity in our relating.

So there seems to be one rule, that many of us could live by, this is known as the golden rule – as it says in Matthew 7.12: In everything do to others as you would have them do to you; for this is the law and the prophets. There is a version of this in many of the world faiths.

I am sure there are many more that Christianity has to contribute. I think most people will acknowledge this has not always been applied in a way that has brought blessings to humanity, but using the basis of humanity really loving each other must be an interpretation that gives a rule worth living by.


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