Friday photo – why am I drawn to flamingos?


I have no idea if birds have any degree of consciousness but do wonder what flamingos would make of themselves if they did in comparison to so many other birds!  I love flamingos – one of my stand out childhood memories is of seeing flamingos at Slimbridge (where this photograph was taken) when I was 10, I can still remember the fascination I felt and it felt very odd to think that I may have been looking at some of the same birds I saw then – they can live to sixty or more.

I don’t know if one of the reasons I like them is that they are so different to me in some ways, but in other ways there is a resonance.  I quite like fading into the background in large social situations, don’t like to draw attention to myself and don’t want to stand out in a crowd.  Perhaps in a flamingo I see my shadow side, at times I am drawn to bright clothes but most often am in trousers and t shirt but have lots of diverse clergy shirts some of which are less than subtle,  I like to do things differently and find creative solutions, I sometimes feel different to others.  Understanding identity is a complex task and I have found my identity evolve over the years and have found it increasingly important to see how my identity reflects that of my creator just like the flamingo does!


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