Honest Christianity – who holds the keys to liberation


Worth Unlimited took our church service this morning at Hodge Hill Church.  They used as their text Luke 4.14-21.  I was very struck by one of the points their CEO Tim Evans made when speaking about liberation.  He made a link between Moses and the Israelites in Egypt when Pharoah said “You shall not go”.  He made the point that sometimes it is systems like Egypt and individuals like Pharaoh that hold young people back from fulfilling their potential.

As we wrote our hopes and dreams for young people I began to think about the implications of this  and wondered how this applies within the church as well as our wider society? Let us commit ourselves to taking personal and corporate responsibly for encouraging liberation for  young people but also all those who hear the message “You shall not go” from institutions and individuals that would constrain them from becoming all they could be.


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