Wondering Wednesdays – confessions

ConfessI am now too old to remember when I swapped from listening to Radio 1 to Radio 2 but one of the highlights of the journey home if I leave work at 5ish is listening to the confession on the Simon Mayo show (he used to do something similar on Radio 1 with secrets).  Monday 3oth June was a particularly good one where a Christian minister who taught on family related topics left one of his four children at church and a police officer found her and took her to where he was – having refreshments at friends!  The end of the confession said something like this – it’s not that big a deal is it – we’ve all done it…  Well a straw poll in the studio suggested that none of them had done it although quite a lot of people contacted the programme to say they had done it too!

For those unfamiliar with the programme, using quasi religious language Father Simon and the collective say whether or not they would forgive the person who confesses and then it is passed over to the audience to give their verdict too.  This person was largely forgiven!  Theologically, it is interesting to say that someone is not forgiven – one of the few memory verses that stick in my mind is 1 John 1.9:  If we confess our sins, he who is faithful and just will forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness and it is very liberating to know that even if others seem to struggle with forgiving me, God does.  I also need to make sure I forgive myself too and perhaps part of the enjoyment of the confessions on Simon Mayo is identifying with some of the things people do and realizing I am not the only person who does daft things! 

If you want to share your confession with Father Simon then click here!



One thought on “Wondering Wednesdays – confessions

  1. Oh yes – we love it too. ‘Twas the basis for many YFC assemblies back in the 80s when he did Confessions on Radio 1…. and a couple of books of them followed as well. Not sure I can believe them all – think its a great place for story tellers to get their five minutes of fame but yes, there are also those ‘I’ve done that too’ shared moments of humanity and hilarity. It does make me wonder how the concept of sin is seen by the wider population – along with the idea that as Christians we are somehow supposed to be perfect -or regarded as hypocrites. It can make for a great opportunity to share the reality of forgiveness, at the very least with the idea of times when we mess up!

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